Dario, Roberta, knitting designer.

The designer of the team for the knitting outwear man and woman plus knitting fabrics. 

Helen Keller

Silvia, Carla, Emanuela,  designers. 

30+ years of experience working with top brands based in ITALY, ASIA and in the USA, creating fashion from jewerly, accessory to interiors.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Anne, Loredana, Susanna, Paola, Roberto, Roberta, Jessica, Martina, Neliana,  print and lace designers

15 +  years of experiences creating printing collections inside important European Companies 

Paola, Martina, Giovanna, Luciana, Ania, Susy, Susana, Neliana, Loredana, Roberta, Jessica, Luisa, Patrizia, Luana, quality assurance/designers.

They have been working for top fashion brands several years developing collections for lingerie, loungewear and beachwear, men and kids.


Paola, CEO.

30+ years of experiences creating embroidery collections and managing sales team around the globe.

Needle punch.

The technician of the team with 25+ years of experience in converting sketches into actionable files for production.